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Anton Dvortsevoy

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How was this made? What did the artist want to say? Why is this art? A fascinating tour of Garage will provide answers to questions like these, and many more.

Armed with expert knowledge of the Museum’s exhibitions, our experienced Garage Guides will introduce you to some of the most important and influential Russian and international artists and their works. You just need to choose the tour that’s best for you.

Tours for visitors with disabilities

Garage offers regular free tours for blind and partially sighted visitors, for people with developmental disabilities, and for deaf and hard of hearing visitors. Tours are developed for every exhibition at Garage.

  • Free for visitors with disabilities and an accompany person on presentation of a relevant document.
  • Please book in advance by writing to
Zhanna Sevostyanova
Zhanna Sevostyanova
Zhanna has been with Garage for over 10 years. With experience of working with various groups of visitors, she knows how find an individual approach to people wishing to know more about contemporary art. Zhanna is studying museology at the Russian State University for the Humanities and is interested in contemporary architecture, travel, and music.
Maria Yashkina
Maria Yashkina
Maria joined the guides team in summer 2021. She has a master’s degree in art history and the art market from the Higher School of Economics. Her professional interests are centered around the art of Japan, with a focus on twentieth-century works on paper, and the Japanese language.
Anton Dvortsevoy
Anton Dvortsevoy
Anton is the coordinator of Garage tours and has been a Garage guide since 2017. He graduated in oriental studies from the Higher School of Economics, where he specialised in the culture and history of China. His professional interests include the history and culture of China, contemporary and traditional art of East Asia, and the history of religion.