Garage Research Laboratories

Laboratories are a new form of research at Garage. Participants include academics, artists, curators, and activists, who join forces to produce new expertise and new knowledge in various fields of contemporary culture.

Unlike our long-term program Field Research, which mainly involves artistic research projects that are deliberately open-ended, the laboratory format comprises a one- or two-year cycle of thematically focused collective work by research groups that leads to visible outcomes, such as books, conferences, public events or exhibitions.

In 2021 and 2022, three laboratories are running at Garage. Space 1520 focuses on the colonial history of the imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet periods; Plus History explores the phenomenon of HIV in Soviet and Russian culture; and “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams” researches the tragic biographies of people whose personal search was connected with a supersensory exploration of the world, secret knowledge, secret societies, and often with travel to the Soviet East.