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Tours of Proof for Visitors with Learning Difficulties

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5 November 2016 – 4 February 2017


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invites visitors with learning difficulties on free tours of the exhibition Proof, featuring works by Robert Longo (b. 1953), Sergei Eisenstein (1898–1948) and Francisco Goya (1746–1828).

Each artist featured in the exhibition is a witness to the events and catastrophes of his era. Their works serve as a proof of the fact that human society has had to face similar issues throughout history.

The exhibition conceived by Garage’s Chief Curator, Kate Fowle and Robert Longo, who lists Eisenstein and Goya among his main influences, invites the viewer to reconsider the role of drawing amongst other arts and offers a different perspective on film and how we perceive it. Screening Eisenstein’s films in slow motion, Robert Longo leaves the viewer with no other choice but to concentrate on each shot as a work of art in its own right.

The tour is tailored for people with learning difficulties and includes additional visual learning materials by Garage staff to allow for a better understanding of the exhibition. An experienced teacher will accompany the group in case any visitor requires additional support.

After the tour, visitors will be e-mailed a presentation designed to help them remember the exhibition.

The tour includes a workshop based on Robert Longo’s works.


Weekends, November 5, December 24, January 14, and February 4

14:00–16:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Tours of Proof for Visitors with Learning Difficulties

Weekdays, November 15, 28, December 6, 20, January 17, 24

16:00–18:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Tours of Proof for Visitors with Learning Difficulties

How to take part

Admission is free for visitors with learning difficulties with one carer. Please book in advance, call +7 (964) 727-39-10 or e-mail

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