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Hi-Tech and Kitsch: What Do We know About Luzhkov's Architecture


From 28 May 2023 to 24 September 2023


Capitalist romanticism and its Moscow iteration—the Luzhkov style—still require reflection by art historians, architectural historians, and urbanists. 

From neoclassicism and elements of the Stalinist Empire style to hi-tech and kitsch, the jumble of architectural styles is a map of the economic and social changes launched with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Participants will find out more about public, commercial, and residential buildings such as the Nautilus shopping center, Unikombank, the residential complex Dom on Myasnitskaya, the Et Cetera theater, and the egg house on Mashkova Street.

The route was created by Garage guide Alexandra Suchkova.


Architecture walking tours are not translated into English.