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Center in the Suburbs and Sunset in the Subway. Universitet Metro Station – Vorobyovy Gory


From 28 May 2023 to 24 September 2023


In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the south-west of Moscow was supposed to become the city’s new administrative center, to which various state organizations would move.

Even though this plan was never implemented, the south-west still became a center—a center of institutionalized childhood. The conditions for bringing up an exemplary Soviet citizen and for their future life in the bright communist future were created here.

Walk participants will see the utopian 1960s Pioneer Palace on Kosygin Street, the Natalia Sats Children’s Musical Theater, created with the participation of Sats, and the Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt, which is a unique building in terms of engineering solutions. The tour concludes at the Vorobyovy Gory metro bridge, which was supposed to connect the old city center with the new one.

This route was created by Garage guides Maria Yashkina and Evgenia Umid.


Architecture walking tours are not translated into English.