Garage supports the concept of neurodiversity and aims to be accessible to visitors with developmental disabilities.

The Museum regularly runs events for neurodiverse visitors. There are regular scheduled guided tours and workshops for adults and children and they can also be organized for groups on request.

Before your visit, we suggest you take a look at the social story (PDF, 4,7 MB) about visiting Garage.

In the Museum you will find easy-to-read texts about ongoing exhibitions. They are marked with a special sign.

It can be noisy on the exhibition floors. If you are sensitive to loud noises, you can borrow noise-isolating headphones at the information desk, leaving your ID as a deposit.

You can learn more about our principles of developing programs for visitors with developmental disabilities by downloading the collection of articles Experiencing the Museum: Visitors with Developmental Disabilities. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s Experience (PDF, 33,8 MB, in Russian).

Information for the professional community about our experience can be found at  Experiencing the Museum. Diversity and Inclusion.