Station Radio


Station Radio is an occasional broadcast exploring sound and the theories, practices, politics, and poetics associated with it. The show is seasonal and features guest curators. Every edition is an audio work created by independent musicians, artists, and communities in dialogue with research programs at Garage

Participants in the first season of Station Radio worked with Garage Archive Collection. Focusing on the history of nonconformism and the musical underground-Siberian noise and electronica, poetic performance in Krasnodar, chronicles of a Leningrad rock club or the Pirate Television archive-the artists researched countercultural practices of the past 30 years and attempted to reconstruct little-known episodes from that time.

The second season of Station Radio is built around the Garage Digital program and the World Gone By Computer Class. Each audio work-mixtapes compiled from found tapes, video game soundtracks, and voice messages, an electro-acoustic play, and poeticglossolalia-is accompanied by a commentary from season curator Evgeny Bylina.