Architectural Walks with Garage


From 22 May 2023 to 24 September 2023


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


Walk participants will learn about several architectural periods that are inseparably linked to the history of the country and of Moscow. The routes incorporate various points in the city, from the center to the outskirts, demonstrating the diversity of Moscow’s architectural landscape.

During the new season, walks will take place in the south-west of the city, in Severnoe Chertanovo, Krylatskoe, Sokol, Nakhimovsky Prospekt, Profsoyuznaya Ulitsa, and Cheryomushki. There will also walks covering the Narkomfin Building and “capitalist romanticism.”

Duration of walks: from 90 to 150 minutes


Architecture walking tours are not translated into English.


Sokol: From Constructivism to the Aesthetics of Stalinist Empire Style

Manifesto for a New Life. The Narkomfin Building

Center in the Suburbs and Sunset in the Subway. Universitet Metro Station – Vorobyovy Gory

Back to the Future. Myths and Legends of Severnoe Chertanovo

Urban Matryoshka. Belyaevo

The 1980 Olympics and Panel Utopia. Krylatskoe

Experiments Frozen in Concrete. Profsoyuznaya Street – Nakhimovsky Prospekt

Elimination of Excesses: From Khrushchevkas to Residential Complexes. Novye Cheryomushki District

Walks with Garage. Hi-Tech and Kitsch: What Do We know About Luzhkov's Architecture