Creative workshops and tours of Art Experiment. The Playground Project: from New York to Moscow for deaf and hard of hearing adults and children

Art Experiment. The Playground Project: from New York to Moscow


Hearing-impaired visitors are invited to scheduled tours in Russian Sign Language and creative workshops with RSL-speaking teachers throughout Art Experiment.

Children and adults will learn about the concepts of public space and art object, see some of the best examples of public art from across the world, design a playground or develop an urban planning project. The best works will remain on display in the exhibition space.


December 26–30

15:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Public Art Objects

In this workshop, our young visitors can use polystyrene and colored tape to make their own public art for playgrounds in an imaginary town populated with plasticine people.



15:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Playground Design

Using a variety of materials, kids and adults will build models of playgrounds for toddlers and their peers of different height and build, wheelchair users, and dog-owners, presented as cardboard figures. The most interesting projects will remain in the exhibition space throughout the show.


How to take part

Free admission with advance registration

To take part, please text or WhatsApp +7 (903) 625 86 15, or e-mail

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