Garage Field Research program

Garage Field Research focuses on overlooked or little-known events, philosophies, places or people relating to cross-cultural exchange.

Garage Field Research was launched in 2013 to support artists, artistic and research collectives, curators, and critics whose professional interests are connected to the Russian, Soviet, or post-Soviet cultural context. Adopting approaches from the academic environment, including fieldwork, these artistic research projects allow for a certain degree of freedom in terms of subjects and materials. Since 2020, the priority of Garage Field Research has been cooperation with researchers from the Global South, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet states.

Garage Field Research participants are selected annually as a result of a closed expert competition. Their projects may be at various stages and involve different types of concluding artistic expression, with a public presentation being optional.

The Garage Field Research team helps participants obtain research consultations in areas of interest, organizes access to local archives and museums, and facilitates contacts with experts and communities. In addition, the team presents the interim results of current projects to the public.

Distancing themselves from major historical and cultural narratives and questioning predominant interpretations, Garage Field Research participants explore local phenomena, individual memory, and subjective testimonies, seeking to uncover their potential for artistic experiments.