Co-Thinker’s Tour: Elena Fedoseeva


From 20 August 2016 to 3 September 2016


East Gallery
Co-Thinker’s Tour: Elena FedoseevaCo-Thinker’s Tour: Elena Fedoseeva


How can you know what an artwork looks like without seeing it? On this tour by Elena Fedoseeva, blind and sighted visitors will learn to interact with contemporary art through tactile contact and sound.

The public program for Co-thinkers includes tours with each of the four collaborators behind the exhibition. Each co-thinker has chosen the format of their tour: journalist and lecturer Elena Fedoseeva invites visitors to take part in a blindfolded tour.

Some believe that visual art is useless for blind and partially sighted people, as they cannot perceive it and therefore cannot understand or emotionally react to it.  A blindfolded tour is an experiment that will allow viewers to experience works in the exhibition through audio description and tactile exploration of models. Visitors are welcome to return to the exhibition later, without the blindfold, and compare what they see to their impressions from the blindfolded tour.

The choice of exhibits explored during the tour is to demonstrate how works in various media (paintings, video installations, photographs, sculptures, installations) can be perceived by senses other than sight—and ways of adapting them for blind visitors.


Free admission, registration required.