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An important element of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s policy of sustainable development is a responsible relationship with the environment.

In 2018, several members of our team from different departments formed Garage Green, a group that tested and implemented various protocols aimed at reducing the impact of the Museum’s activities on the environment.

In 2021, the working group Garage Green will become an independent department of sustainable development, responsible for devising and implementing practices and methods for significantly reducing the Museum’s negative impact on the environment, including through monitoring the design, production, recycling, and reuse of the products it makes.

The department will also consolidate and analyse information on all Garage programs that can be considered part of its policy of sustainable development, a term understood broadly as the balanced development of cultural, social, and ecological projects and the introduction of instruments that will ensure the financial stability of the institution in the long term.



Reducing waste and recycling are among Garage’s main ecological priorities. Our first steps have included giving up non-reusable plastic and introducing waste sorting, as well as collaborating with responsible partners and contractors.

LED technology

In 2018 Garage has completed its three-year program of replacing halogen track lights in exhibition spaces with LED ones. LED lights do not only save energy, but are also ecologically safe. Garage technicians collaborate with a number of international LED producers and contribute to the development of museum lighting technology.

Green office

Garage staff aim to minimize their negative ecological impact. Conference rooms are equipped with screens that help avoid excessive use of paper; electronic devices switch off when not in use; plastic cutlery and cups in our office have been completely replaced by reusable ones; all printing spaces are equipped with PaperCut print control software and paper recycling bins.