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Preservation is one of Garage’s key values. In the ten years since its opening, Garage has organised a large number of projects aimed at the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Working in a global context, we cannot ignore the pressing need to take action for the preservation of our environment. This is why Garage has been working on a sustainable development program, aimed in particular at significantly reducing our ecological impact.

In the past ten years Garage has become a major cultural institution with programs whose preparation requires an increasingly large amount of resources. To optimize our infrastructure, we decided to implement a program of activities for sustainable development, which to us means a systematic and balanced approach to running a museum. Being aware of climate change and other environmental issues, we have assumed such an approach in order to try and contribute to the preservation of nature and natural resources at least on the level of one institution.

Garage’s sustainable development team is headed by the Museum’s Director Anton Belov and includes representatives of several departments. In the nearest future the team will assess the Museum’s ecological footprint to adjust its environmental policy, determine priorities, and create programs to introduce sustainable development to all areas of our activity.

Garage supports and collaborates with businesses that share our values and beliefs in social and environmental responsibility. All information about our sustainable development program and ecological initiatives is open to everyone and we are willing to share our experience.


Earth hour

Every year, Garage joins institutions and individuals who care about the environment for the Earth Hour event organized by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). By switching off the light in our public spaces we show support for initiatives that draw public attention to current environmental issues and ways of dealing with them.

Garage Green

Any change starts with initiative. Garage staff have formed a team that works on testing various environmental projects and implementing them in Garage’s daily activities.

Garage Sale

Garage regularly organizes events where staff can exchange things they no longer need and take home materials used in exhibitions that are no longer in use. All leftovers are donated to charity.


Reducing waste and recycling are among Garage’s main ecological priorities. Our first steps have included giving up non-reusable plastic and introducing waste sorting, as well as collaborating with responsible partners and contractors.

LED technology

In 2018 Garage has completed its three-year program of replacing halogen track lights in exhibition spaces with LED ones. LED lights do not only save energy, but are also ecologically safe. Garage technicians collaborate with a number of international LED producers and contribute to the development of museum lighting technology.


Garage does not only aim to raise environmental awareness itself, but also supports businesses that share our philosophy. Most of our materials are purchased from contractors that produce responsibly and recycle.

Green office

Garage staff aim to minimize their negative ecological impact. Conference rooms are equipped with screens that help avoid excessive use of paper; electronic devices switch off when not in use; plastic cutlery and cups in our office have been completely replaced by reusable ones; all printing spaces are equipped with PaperCut print control software and paper recycling bins.

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