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This year, GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR take place over three days—from May 18 to May 20—bringing together more than fifty Russian and foreign publishers. Visitors are invited to attend presentations, workshops, and lectures by famous illustrators, authors, art theorists, artists, and professional publishers and, as always, see a great selection of books on art and culture.

ART BOOK FAIR will start on May 18 with a professional day which will consist of various public events held by professionals from the publishing industry. Experiences will be shared by the representative of the first fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace IPR Martin Jack, marketing director of the publishing house BOMBORA Lyudmila Maksalieva, and co-owner of the comic book store Chook&Geek Vasily Koretsky. A discussion on book distribution in Russia will gather together representatives of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, regional book networks of Voronezh, Irkutsk, Kazan, and Tyumen, the Association of Book Distributors of Independent States, and Mikhail Ivantsov, the director of the retail network Chitai-Gorod-Bukvoed.

On Saturday, May 19, the presentation will take place of the catalog book AVANGARDSTROY. The Architectural Rhythm of the 1917 Revolution and 10. The History of the Moscow House Told by its Inhabitants, the joint project of the publishing house Kuchkovo Pole and Mikhail Bulgakov's Museum Bolshaya Sadovaya. A public talk with Galina Andreevna Balashova, architect of Soviet cosmic program and the first interior designer of Souz, Salut, Mir space stations, and Lunar Orbital Craft.  Brecht Evans, Flemish illustrator and comic book author will give a lecture, and American art theorist Bruce Altschuler who is now a professor at New York University will use his lecture to celebrate the release of his book The Avant-Garde in Exhibition.

On Sunday, May 20, publisher Art-Volkhonka will open the public program with the presentation of a new book about the graphic style of the epoch of 1956–1969. Also in the program are planned discussions with the editor-in-chief of the Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie (New Literary Review) Irina Prokhorova, and artists Georgy Kizevalter and Grisha Bruskin about the art of the 1980s; a conversation about the practices of reading in Soviet times with literary critic Anna Narinskaya, and literary historian, journalist Gleb Morev with the participation of the Russian Book Pavilion. A special event at GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR will be the public talk by Martin Gayford, British art critic and co-author of David Hockney’s book A History of Pictures, published in 2017 by Garage and Ad Marginem.

Throughout the weekend a special program for children and teenagers will be available. Visitors may take part in a Quest, where the historical and educational society Memorial will present table games 74 and Queue based on the history of Russia in the twentieth century. There will also be a Mini-publishing house Workshop to create an author's book under the guidance of a professional editor and artist. Students will receive a lecture on the history of comics in visual culture and the secrets of creating illustrations, as well as master classes with illustrators. Adults will be able to listen to excerpts from their favorite childhood books performed by young actors and share their own memories. On May 19, a meeting with the French art critic Françoise Barb-Galfor will be held for teachers, museum workers, parents, and all those interested in pedagogy.

To get acquainted with new arrivals or bestsellers, search for advice on the selection of literature, or just for relaxation, Garage will organize two reading zones in the Garage Atrium.  


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