Training: Economy of Impressions. Book as A Product


From 18 May 2018




Garage Auditorium
Training: Economy of Impressions. Book as A ProductTraining: Economy of Impressions. Book as A Product


BOMBORA Publishing House Marketing Director Mila Maksalieva will deliver a training session on book marketing as part of the professional day at Garage Art Book Fair.

Many studies have shown that the usual formats of customer communication have proved irrelevant recently, which is true about the book as much as the entire sales market.

There are too many manufacturers and even more goods that they produce. Business competition is growing and becomes tougher in any sphere of the sales industry.

The consumer is sated with standardization and doesn’t distinguish the “taste” of the product anymore. It isn’t enough to change the product—its presentation for the client has to be different too. Buying goods in a shop doesn’t mean merely exchanging money for a product—it has transformed into a genuine consumer experience involving more and more emotions and feelings. Product promotion today implies bearing in mind a variety of new factors.

The participants will case-study conventional formats of customer communication and explain why they don’t work anymore. Mila Maksalieva will describe what BOMBORA Publishing House does to maintain its clients in these new circumstances and outline the strategies that can still be effective and those that have to be left behind.


Mila Maksalieva is Marketing Director at BOMBORA Publishing House. During her five-year employment with the legendary publishing house Independent Media where she started as a marketing manager on one of the smallest projects, Maksalieva has made a successful career as marketing director of the “Domashniy Ochag” brand and the Cosmopolitan magazine group, also completing the Branding and Strategy Wordshop Academy.


Free admission with advance registration