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Academic program in partnership with HSE

As part of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s long-term partnership with one of Russia’s leading universities, the Higher School of Economics, this joint educational program will link the expert and theoretic knowledge accumulated by a cultural institution with taught disciplines and research provided by the university.

The two institutions’ decision to launch a long-term partnership project has led to the foundation of Garage’s Joint Department at HSE, aimed at the development of scientific research and the introduction of original educational programs (the master’s and the minor). The academic and educational platform at HSE will provide the best opportunities for research in the field of contemporary art and the training of qualified professionals, the urgent need for which is felt in Russia today.

Garage’s master’s program Practices of Contemporary Art and Curatorship

In autumn 2019, Garage is launching a two-year, on-campus, practice-oriented master’s program which has no analogs in Russia.

Graduates of the program will obtain theoretic knowledge and practical skills in the field of curatorship, exhibition making, and project management. It is also planned to expand training to the field of various artistic practices in the future.

Beginning fall 2019, the Museum will be providing updates on the master’s program, as well as organizing open days and meetings with the leading lecturers.


IIf you wish to enroll in the program or participate as a teacher, please email Maria Polnikova, Head of Academic Programs at Garage, at

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Garage’s minor program Contemporary Art: An Introduction to History and Museum and Exhibition Practices

In spring 2018 Garage’s all-university minor program Contemporary Art: An Introduction to History and Museum and Exhibition Practices (an elective course within the bachelors’ educational program) was launched. Classes will begin this fall. The minor has topped any other courses for the number of students who have applied for one spot within a year (overall, 120 students have been enrolled this year). In total, Garage’s minor program Contemporary Art: An Introduction to History and Museum and Exhibition Practices was chosen by 1246 people (over 20% of students), with 511 students selecting it as their top priority course.

Developed by Garage’s experts, the minor program offers participants the chance to explore contemporary art with professionals in the field, as well as attend modules on up-to-date art processes, contextualized within the evolution of modern intellectual thought and using the example of selected artists and projects.

In addition to the basics of the history of art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, students will learn about the profession of the curator, the peculiarities of the legal system of the art market, and technologies used in art management. The Museum intends to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills striving for an interdisciplinary approach. Practical parts of the program will be held in Moscow museums and galleries, where students may get the opportunity to analyze precise cases.

The next enrollment for the minor program is scheduled for Spring 2020 and will be available for bachelor students enrolled in HSE in the autumn term-2019. Enrollment for the minor program will remain available annually for HSE bachelor students, in compliance with university regulations.

Garage’s Joint Program with HSE

On March 2, 2018, the Academic Council of HSE approved the establishment of the Joint Department with Garage Museum of Contemporary Art at the university.

The Joint Department is set to continue and expand the Museum’s research activities and become a platform bringing together experts, researchers, and everyone interested in studying contemporary art. The list of its projects will be supplemented and expanded, we welcome your suggestions and ideas.


Garage’s Joint Department is set to continue and expand the Museum’s research activity in the field of contemporary art and culture. Today’s need for fundamental studies, articulated from both within and outside the Museum, a need for the establishment of an academic school, can be satisfied using the HSE platform, with the involvement of its academic staff and by engaging bachelor, master’s, and PhD students in scientific research. The Joint Department also plans to organize seminars, round tables, and conferences, as well as providing academic support with dissertations by the Museum’s employees.

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