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Academic program in partnership with HSE

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and leading Russian university the Higher School of Economics combine the expertise of a cultural institution and theoretical knowledge with university studies and research.

As part of their long-term partnership, the two institutions have created the Garage Department at HSE, the mission of which is to develop the Museum’s research projects and launch new education programs. The scientific and educational platform of HSE will provide opportunities for research in the field of contemporary art and the training of qualified professionals, who are much in demand in contemporary Russia.

Garage’s master’s program Practices of Contemporary Art and Curatorship

In fall 2019, Garage launched a two-year, on-campus, practice-oriented master’s program which is unique in Russia. Graduates of the program have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to work in curating or art management. Their graduation project is an exhibition produced with financial support from the Garage Department at HSE.

The program is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in any subject. In future, the department plans provide training for art practitioners.


If you would like to enroll in the program or participate as a teacher, please email Maria Polnikova, Head of Academic Programs at Garage, at

Why study with us

The curriculum was developed by Garage experts and invited contemporary art theorists and practitioners.
The program is taught at Garage campus in Gorky Park, with study integrated in the professional environment.
The graduation project is an exhibition organized entirely by students.
The department organizes lectures by leading Russian and international artists and art professionals. .

Courses taught within the program

Compulsory courses
Cultural Theory and History (Year 1)
Administration and Management (Year 1 and 2)
Visual Perception of Contemporary Art (Year 1)
Exhibition Management (Year 1 and 2)
Research in Contemporary Art (Year 1 and 2)
Analysis and Interpretation in Contemporary Art: Models and Tools (Year 1 and 2)
Planning an Exhibition and Stages of Production (Year 1 and 2)
Graduate work (Year 1 and 2)
Optional courses
Contemporary Art Criticism (Year 1 and 2)
The History of Media—The History of Contemporary Art (Year 1 and 2)
Contemporary Art Conservation (Year 2)
Logistics and Customs (Year 2)
Publishing as Part of Exhibitions (Year 2)с

Information for Prospective Students

The course is taught on campus during daytime on weekdays
Students are offered accommodation in halls of residence in compliance with HSE regulations
The program is taught over two years
Tuition fees are 200,000 rubles per semester
Students can apply for grants or part payment of tuition fees

Garage’s minor program Contemporary Art: An Introduction to History and Museum and Exhibition Practices

In spring 2018, Garage launched the all-university minor program Contemporary Art: An Introduction to History and Museum and Exhibition Practices (an optional course for undergraduate students). With the third intake of students completing the program this year, it remains one of the university’s most popular minors, selected by several hundred students studying over 30 different majors.

Developed by the Museum’s experts, the minor program offers participants the opportunity to explore current trends in contemporary art, contextualized within the evolution of modern intellectual thought and using the example of selected artists and projects. In addition to the basics of the history of art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, students learn about institutional environments and the cultural industry.

The next enrollment for the program is scheduled for spring 2021. It will be open to bachelor’s students enrolled in HSE in the fall term 2020. Enrollment for the minor program will be available annually for HSE bachelor’s students, in compliance with university regulations.

Scientific activity

The Garage Joint Department aims to continue and expand the Museum’s research and educational activities and become a platform bringing together researchers writing dissertations on contemporary art and scientists working on collective projects. The selection of programs will expand and develop. We are open to new ideas.

Academic papers

Garage offers opportunities to work with academics from HSE and other universities as research supervisors and academic advisers for dissertations on contemporary art and related subjects, as well as resource and information support leading up to defence.

Applications for writing dissertations should include a detailed summary of the subject and be sent to

Student research

Together with invited experts, Garage runs research projects on current issues in contemporary art with undergraduate and postgraduate students from Russian universities. This work allows students to develop the skills needed for analysis and structuring of data, introduces them to scientific research methodology, and offers experience in working with researchers.

To learn about current research opportunities, please email us at

Academic journal

An important part of the Museum’s research activities is The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture, which explores the history, theory, and practice of contemporary art, culture, and museum studies. The journal is published in Russian, English, and German.

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