Scientific activity

The Garage Joint Department aims to continue and expand the Museum’s research and educational activities and become a platform bringing together researchers writing dissertations on contemporary art and scientists working on collective projects. The selection of programs will expand and develop. We are open to new ideas.

Garage offers opportunities to work with academics from HSE and other universities as research supervisors and academic advisers for dissertations on contemporary art and related subjects, as well as resource and information support leading up to defence.

Academic papers

Garage offers opportunities to work with academics from HSE and other universities as research supervisors and academic advisers for dissertations on contemporary art and related subjects, as well as resource and information support leading up to defence.

Applications for writing dissertations should include a detailed summary of the subject and be sent to

Student research

Together with invited experts, Garage runs research projects on current issues in contemporary art with undergraduate and postgraduate students from Russian universities. This work allows students to develop the skills needed for analysis and structuring of data, introduces them to scientific research methodology, and offers experience in working with researchers.

To learn about current research opportunities, please email us at

Academic journal

An important part of the Museum’s research activities is The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture, which explores the history, theory, and practice of contemporary art, culture, and museum studies. The journal is published in Russian, English, and German.