Art in the City is a podcast produced by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for the Museum's stand at the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. It aims to provide an idea of ​​the diversity of St. Petersburg’s art life in the 1990s, a time of bold creative experiments and the emergence of new forms of art, lifestyle, and leisure.

The podcast creators trace ten stories of creative interaction with the city, including individual performances and art projects and large-scale cultural phenomena illustrating artists’ and curators’ different approaches to working with the urban environment. Episodes of the podcast explore the actions of the art groups Factory of Found Clothing, SVOI, and the New Blockheads, the New Academy’s dandyism, exhibitions on the Palace Bridge, the Kharms Festival, the Stubnitz art boat, the project Malevich's Garden, the “heroic era of Russian rave,” and the formation of a new street culture. Each episode is accompanied by a text and a selection of archival materials from Garage Archive Collection. The podcast is only available in Russian, but the accompanying texts have been translated to English.

The podcast was compiled by Maria Udovydchenko and Anastasia Kotyleva from Garage Archive Collection, St. Petersburg. The text is read by Igor Polonsky.

You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast or Yandex.Music.

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