Artists for Children


From 12 September 2016 to 19 November 2017




Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


Artists for Children is a cycle of monthly meetings with world’s leading figures in contemporary art, designed to provide access to the practices of top artists for arguably the most emphatic museum audience — kids and their parents.

The project entails meetings along with a special publication, prepared by Garage Museum—a coloring book featuring images of the Museum, as well as original sketches for coloring by contemporary artists, who have exhibited at Garage or participated in its grant program. The coloring book will be available at Garage Bookshop beginning Autumn 2016.

how to take part

Admission is free, registration required

The meeting is accessible for people with disabilities.

Guidance and facilitation will be provided by staff members trained in Russian Sign Language who are also skilled in assisting blind and visually impaired visitors, and visitors with developmental and learning disabilities.


A meeting with the NSK artists

The first meeting of the cycle is part of the Public Program accompanying the exhibition NSK: From Kapital to Capital. Members of the art collective Neue Slovenische Kunst (NSK) Miran Mohar, Dušan Mandič and Borut Vogelnik will describe how they initiated and developed the project NSK: A State in Time—a fictional state without territory bringing together people from various regions who share love for art and the aim to create freely.

Instigated by the NSK ideas, the participants are welcome to discuss their own possible imaginary states and their laws, while the practical part will include creating original passports and flags of such fake states.


Friday, September 30
Garage Atrium