Artists for Сhildren. A workshop with Yin Xiuzhen


From 1 October 2016




Garage Atrium


Following Yin Xiuzhen’s creative work, participants of the workshop will together create their own ideal city using daily-life objects.

For Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen, the main building material is clothing. This choice refers to her childhood memories about her mother—a worker at a garment factory in China—as well as to her associations with the generation of people for whom clothing meant something valuable. Yin began utilizing clothes in 1995 when she created a series of installations focusing on the themes of memory, contemporary life, and individual experience. During the workshop, children aged 7+, accompanied by parents and directed by the artist, will be able to construct an ideal city whose parts could be made from everyday objects and those prepared especially for the project. The result could be anything: architectural elements, cars, trees, or even fantastic things!

how to take part

Admission is free, registration required

We also invite deaf and hard of hearing children to attend the workshop, where there will be teachers trained in Russian Sign Language.