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3 September 2017


Carlos Noronha Feio is an artist concerned with history and origin of currencies. He will present a short talk about images and symbols present in currencies from around the world.

It is important for the artist to tell that currency is not only an instrument to make a deal, but also a data storage. Currency can be a medium expressing interests and even feelings.

This mini talk will be followed by the children being invited to produce their own personal “currencies of affect” applicable for intangible values exchange, namely feelings, emotions, impressions. They can exchange currencies with other children in the workshop, or use it at their own discretion.



Carlos Noronha Feio was born in Lisbon in 1981. In 2017, Noronha Feio was awarded a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London. He exhibits internationally, most recently at: Futures at CAC Vilnius, A Matter of Trust at Temnikova & Kasela in Tallinn (2017), Oikonomia: a Matter of Trust at the National Museum of Contemporary Art — Museu do Chiado in Lisbon (2015), as you do on earth… at Galerie Iragui in Moscow (2016), Discursive foundations of sunsight at narrative projects in London (2016), Matter of Trust at Nottingham Contemporary (2014), bathed by the bright light of the sunset at 3+1 Arte Contemporânea in Lisbon (2015).


Admission is free, registration required.

We also invite deaf and hard of hearing children to attend the workshop, where there will be teachers trained in Russian Sign Language.


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