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Garage Art Book Fair and Vkus Bumagi Print Market


On the last weekend of May, Garage in Gorky Park will hold the 4th Garage Art Book Fair. With Moscow’s 8th Vkus Bumagi Market of Hand and Small-Edition Printing joining the fair this year, Garage will become a laboratory for the study of printing techniques and books as objects of art.

During the fair, Garage will become a space for large and small publishers, artists and zine projects to build horizontal connections without hierarchies. To ensure the participants’ maximum involvement in organizational issues, the team at Garage approached them for their feedback on the fair’s planned structure, stand design, and public program. 

As a result, this year’s fair will feature an improvised non-stop printing shop at Garage Mezzanine, introducing visitors to various printmaking techniques—from drypoint and linocut to relief printing, Risograph printing of zines, and Swiss binding. 

Meanwhile, in Garage Auditorium, visitors will be able to discuss books and ideas with Sofya Bagdasarova, Marc Boutavant, Dominique Goblet, Mikhail Zygar, Maria Kostyuk, Katarina Lopatkina, Nadezhda Maslennikova, Daniil Turovsky, Aleksandr Gorbachev, and Sasha Shadrina.

For the fair’s younger visitors Garage and children’s publishers have prepared an exciting program of workshops, meetings with children’s books illustrators, and a game based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Garage Art Book Fair and Vkus Bumagi Print Market is one of Garage’s first collaborations carried out in compliance with the Museum’s policy of sustainable development. The stands for the fair and the print market are partially produced from recycled materials. Paper recycling bins will be available at the printing shop on the mezzanine, and the paper collected will later be used to produce various paper products for the Museum. Other bins for separate waste collection will also be available, and the waste from them will later be recycled by Sfera Ekologii. In Reading Zone 1, a book swap will be organized in collaboration with Bombora, where visitors can exchange books they no longer need for new ones.

Throughout the May 25 finissage, visitors get free entry to all Garage exhibitions (with advance registration). 


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All events are free. Advance registration is required in some cases.

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