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"From Medieval Scrolls to Cheap Pocket Books: The History of the Book in 90 minutes"

Garage Art Book Fair and Vkus Bumagi Print Market
25 May 2019


A lecture by paper and binding restorer at Moscow Kremlin Museums, Nadezhda Maslennikova

Books as we know them—light and inexpensive pocket editions—are a result of a long evolution. A few centuries ago, the making of one book could take months, and monks lost their eyesight copying texts by hand. A volume of Aristotle’s writings could get one murdered, burned at the stake or imprisoned, and only a very rich person could order one to be made.

Restorer of ancient books and documents at Moscow Kremlin Museums, Nadezhda Maslennikova, will speak about the making of early books. Listeners will find out how the first books looked and how much they weighed; they will learn about the changes the first Guttenberg’s printing press made and where the first Moscow Print Yard was located; and hear about some of the most curious discoveries made during the restoration of ancient manuscripts and books.


Nadezhda Maslennikova is a paper and binding restorer. She has worked in the complex restoration department of the Main Archives Office of Moscow and in 2012 joined the team of restorers at Moscow Kremlin Museums.


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