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Garage announces a new program of courses for adults and children

For this fall, Garage has prepared an intensive program of learning events for diverse audiences. Art historians, artists, architects, writers, photographers, cartoonists, and ecologists will share their experience, looking at familiar things from a new angle, and answering important questions concerning our everyday.

Children aged eight and older and their parents are invited to join Architecture. The Art of Seeing. Beginning in October, this lecture course will trace the history of architecture from the time of ancient civilizations to the Gothic era, with the final class to take place in the form of an interactive tour around the Museum’s building.

Meet Following Contemporary Art—Garage’s inaugural course which remains one of its most beloved and anticipated education events—in an expanded version, complete with new artist names and exciting stories from the world of current culture. The program will also have a new title in the upcoming season: Art: Step by Step.

“The course Art: Step by Stepis an opportunity to be introduced to some iconic figures of the past century through theory and practice, get a better understanding of a particular artist’s methods and “get hold” of their tools. The course will be of interest for those wishing to learn from the masters of the twentieth century and experiment with contemporary materials and techniques.”

Viktoria Scherbenko, course tutor, Art: Step by Step

Artist Irina Svetlichnaya and animator Elizaveta Khlomova have developed a new course for teenagers aged 13 to 15 Ecology: Frame after Frame encourages participants to conduct their own research project and shoot an animated documentary film based around the leitmotifs of the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100.

“Our course is for those who cannot remain indifferent toward nature, who care about man’s responsibility for what’s happening on Earth, and who, despite their young age, are not afraid of dedicating themselves to the exploration of such complicated, mind-blowing in terms of global scale, and extremely relevant subjects as air pollution, climate change, scientific forecasts of the future, and many others. And we are aiming to articulate our discoveries, our ecological manifestoes, and our understanding via animation. Teachers of the course will in the first instance become children’s guides and assistants en route from an idea to the screen.”

Elizaveta Khlomova, course tutor, Ecology: Frame after Frame

For children aged 10 to 14 Garage has designed the course Photography. History and Practice, where, together with photographer and artist Ivan Sakharov, the group will build a camera obscura, explore the cyanotype and salt printing techniques, and learn how to use modern photo equipment.

Courses currently on offer for adults include Art Codes: Practicum, Introduction to painting, Architecture: The Art of Seeing. 18+, and Laboratory of Creative Writing.

The course Following Contemporary Art. 18+ has also gone through a transformation. Due to multiple requests from our audiences, it has been expanded with new topics. The updated version entitled Art: Step by Step. 18+ will acquaint its participants with an even wider range of aesthetic movements and notable figures representing the world of contemporary art. 

Garage’s education courses provide a key to understanding the current cultural situation, as well as an opportunity to meet with professionals and co-thinkers who share a passion for art and architecture.

These courses are available throughout September–December 2019

Limited number of season tickets available

For more information about the courses, please email at courses@garagemca.org or call +7 (495) 645–05–20.

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