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Laboratory of Creative Writing. First group







12 sessions

120 min

The laboratory will help participants to overcome the fear of white paper, identify and learn how to avoid some typical beginners’ mistakes, and navigate confidently in the realm of ideas and creations.

Unlike traditional education courses, Laboratory of Creative Writing is composed of meetings that run in an open discussion format, without handout materials or classical literature textbooks. Literature doesn’t know the recipe for successful writing, neither it is governed by immutable canons. However, it is important to distinguish trends informing today’s literary processes—in order to undermine them from time to time where necessary. This is why one of the goals of the Laboratory is to approach certain constructive categories (such as concept, motivation, spontaneity, blank sheet, dominant idea, and rhythm) and start building a conversation about literature around them.

The group will analyze examples of classic and contemporary short fiction, do a range of creative writing exercises, and complete their own literary pieces.

Class size: 15

Price: 14,000 RUB

10% discount for holders of Garage Friends individual card

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