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Discover contemporary art for yourself with Garage’s new seasonal courses for adults and children

Each fall, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art launches its own study year, very different from regular school programs. Towards the end of September, a new season of education courses for adults and children begins at Garage, whose participants will learn a variety of new things, explore the history of world culture, develop their imagination and create their own artworks, including a DIY cartoon.

This autumn, Garage expands its program of education courses with three new cycles for adults and children that will offer a well balanced schedule of classes delivered, as always, by practicing artists and educators who have proven themselves in their favorite professional field.

Garage courses have been designed especially for the widest audience and don’t demand any additional training.

Courses for children, families and teenagers

I, Architect is a new, exciting architectural course developed by the teacher and practicing architect Marina Vaisman for children aged 5 to 7 years. The course will introduce its participants to some key architectural terms, three-dimensional objects, and will teach them to implement the acquired skills and knowledge in real projects, including the production of architectural models.

Children aged 8 years or older are welcome to engage in Following Contemporary Art and Architecture. The Art of Seeing—Garage’s family programs designed with the aim of introducing students to the history of animation, its specific qualities as an art, as well as key techniques, genres, directors, and artists. The participants will also have the chance to create original DIY cartoons using the cutout animation technique.

I’m sure that, along with instigating its members to discover novel art forms, this animation course will demonstrate the inextricable connection between the world of art and some key historic events. We tried to come up with an exciting creative laboratory where each participant could narrate their own personal story using images.

— Irina Svetlichnaya, course tutor, Become Walt Disney!

Courses for adults

Our long-time teachers, art historians Natalia Sidorova and Tatyana Bortnik, will resume their course Following Contemporary Art (18+ Series) featuring stories of twenty notable figures representing nineteenth- and twentieth-century art. They will also run Art Codes: Practicum—a discussion club whose members will be granted free admission to the ongoing exhibitions at Garage and a number of other Moscow museums.

Architecture. The Art of Seeing (18+ Series) also reopens this fall for all architecture lovers. This time around, Vladimir Yuzbashev and Anastasiya Golovina will launch the second part of the program, dedicated to cutting-edge trends in architecture, including urban studies and modular housing, and will help to define and outline the newest architectural styles.

Instead of reiterating the history of architecture, we are aiming to explain how it operates as a field of human activity, reveal its significance for the society and provide opportunities for a better understanding of it. The second block of the course focuses on the conceptual aspects of architecture and teaches how to read façade elements and the constructivist “skeleton” of a building, as well as distinguish between a modern replica and accurate restoration.

— Vladimir Yuzbashev, architect, course tutor, Architecture. The Art of Seeing (18+ Series)

Also this fall, literary critic Leonid Kostyukov and artist Tatyana Chursina will continue their A Course in Creative Writing and Introduction to Painting—popular education programs for budding authors and visual artists.

These courses are available throughout September–December 2018.

For more information about the courses, please email at or call +7 (495) 645-05-20.

Holders of Garage Friends individual and family cards are subject to a 10% and 15% discount, respectively.

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