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Garage Studios

Garage Studios and Artist Residencies are part of the Museum’s wider program of support for artists, which also includes grants for emerging artists (since 2012) and Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art (since 2016).

Garage Studios comprises 18 separate working spaces, a shared studio, and a painting studio, all located in a postconstructivist pavilion at VDNKh, which was built in 1939. It was originally designed as a model school building for 280 students and was later adapted to be a polyclinic with an extension.

The program aims to create a platform for artists from Moscow, Russia’s regions, and other countries to work, interact, and exchange knowledge. Fourteen studios are offered as work spaces for Moscow-based artists for six months. The remaining four are reserved for artist residencies, with artists from Russia’s regions and other countries able to live and work there for up to three months.

Artists taking part in the program will also have the opportunity to work with Garage staff on education, exhibition, research, and inclusive projects.

Participants are selected by the Museum’s curatorial group.

Garage Studios Team
Curator: Ivan Isaev
Manager: Kristina Sarkisova

Curatorial group: Valentin Diaconov, Evgeny Gusyatinsky, Katya Inozemtseva, Snejana Krasteva, Andrey Misiano, Anastasia Mityushina, Sasha Obukhova, Iaroslav Volovod


119 Prospekt Mira, Bldg. 317, 129223 Moscow
Opening times: 10:00–00:00

Garage Studios are open for group visits by appointment.
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Garage Studios Residents


Fourteen studios are offered as work spaces for Moscow-based artists for six months.
January to July 2019
Chingiz Aydarov
Zina Isupova
Nastya Kuzmina
Dasha Kuznetsova
Vlad Mikhel
Roman Mokrov
Ekaterina Muromtseva
Mayana Nasybullova
Anastasia Potemkina
Haim Sokol
Albert Soldatov
Anton Zabrodin
Ganna Zubkova
July 2019—January 2020
Adil Aliev
Andrey Kuzkin
Zina Isupova
Mika Plutitskaya
Misha Bury
Anton Kushaev
Andrey Slashilin
Pyotr Bystrov
Asya Zaslavskaya
Maria Obukhova
Evgeny Granilshchikov
Ulyana Podkorytova
Natalia Romanova
February–August 2020
Albina Mokhryakova
Sasha Moroz
Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol::
Alexander Obrazumov
Mitya Pakhomov
Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva
Pyotr Bystrov
Anastasia Keineahnung
Anton Kushaev
Maria Obukhova
Rina Volnykh
Lekha Garikovich
Zina Isupova
February–December 2020
Petr Bystrov
Lyokha Garikovich
Svetlana Hollis
Zina Isupova
Anastasia Keineahnung
Anton Kushaev
Albina Mokhryakova
Sasha Moroz
Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov
Alexander Obrazumov
Masha Obukhova
Mitya Pakhomov
Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva
Rina Volnykh
Keito Yamaguchi
January–June 2021
eeefff group (Dzina Zhuk and Nicolay Spesivtsev)
Ted Kokorev
Lera Kononchuk
Ira Konyukhova
Alena Levina
Elena Revunova
Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva
Alisa Smorodina
Pauł Sochacki
Nikita Spiridonov
Natalia Tikhonova
Rina Volnykh

Artist Residencies

Four studios are reserved for artist residencies, and artists from Russia’s regions can use it for up to three months.
January to April 2019
Gorod Ustinov Micro-art-group (Izhevsk)
Olga Zhitlina (St. Petersburg)
Sasha Saltanova (Yekaterinburg)
Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov (Nizhny Tagil)
April to July 2019
Gorod Ustinov Micro-art-group (Izhevsk)
Kirill Makarov (St. Petersburg)
Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov (Nizhny Tagil)
July–October 2019
Anya Kravchenko (St. Petersburg)
Anna Meschiari (Vevey, Switzerland/Paris)
Zoya Lebedeva (Izhevsk)
Lekha G (Vladivostok)
October – January 2019
Shamil Ahmed (Makhachkala)
Hayden Fowler (Sydney / Berlin)
Valentina Petrova (Kiev)
Anton Vinogradov (St.Petersburg)
January–April 2020
Shamil Ahmed (Makhachkala)
Irina Butkovskaya (Novosibirsk)
Kristina Gorlanova (Ekaterinburg)
Anastasia Vepreva (St. Petersburg)
Anton Vinogradov (St. Petersburg)
Mitya Zabelin (Kaliningrad)
August–November 2020
Shamil Ahmed (Makhachkala)
Irina Butkovskaya (Novosibirsk)
Pavla Markova (Omsk)
Yulia Shafarostova (Krasnodar)
Anastasia Vepreva (St. Petersburg)
December 2020–January 2021
Irina Butkovskaya (Novosibirsk)
Anastasia Kizilova (St. Petersburg)
Pavla Markova (Omsk)
Anastasia Vepreva (St. Petersburg)
February–March 2021
Alexandra Abakshina (St. Petersburg)
Lera Lerner (St. Petersburg)
Elina Petrova (Naberezhnye Chelny)
Nikita Seleznev (St. Petersburg)
Yozhi Stolet (St. Petersburg)
Aliaxey Talstou (Minsk)

About the building

Garage Studios is located in a pavilion at VDNKh, which was built in 1939 as a model school for 280 students. In the 1950s, it was converted into a polyclinic, to which an extension was added in 1970–1971 that housed an x-ray and diagnostics department. In 2017, the building was transferred to Garage and redesigned by FORM to accommodate artists’ studios and public spaces. As with previous reconstruction projects, Garage aimed to preserve the historical architecture of the pavilion. The large windows of the original school provide ideal lighting conditions for its new purpose.

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