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Scores for an Encounter. Exhibition and performance by Anya Kravchenko

29–30 September 2019


Garage Studios resident Anya Kravchenko invites visitors to her exhibition and performance Scores for an Encounter that explores interaction patterns in a situation of uncertainty.

During a two-day event at Garage Studios, Kravchenko will present “scores for an encounter without expectations and reservations”— a collection of dance scores, notes, artefacts, and dances that together form an exhibition space.

The scores are both the result of and a tool for thinking dance improvisation. Four acts of the exhibition present four contexts of working with scores and exploring perception patterns, which allow interaction on the borderline territory between knowledge and nonknowledge.

Working on scores create “encounters” understood as a metaphor of complex and dynamic processes of defining, distinguishing, and being together. The choreography of such encounters is thought as generative technology—an algorithm and a condition for the emergence of movement and speech that are unforeseen, unknown, and therefore invariably strange.

The exhibition happens in four acts: between them the exhibition space will change; notes and artefacts will be replaced by different ones to create different spaces for the performance of scores.

Participants: Anya Kravchenko with invited collaborators Sasha Konnikova, Alberts Alberts, Kostya Chelkayev, and Albina Vakhitova.
Curator: Natalya Smolyanskaya
Catalogue design: Sasha Puchkova


Free admission with advance registration.
Every act is a complete event. Visitors are welcome to visit any of them separately or see any number of acts.


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