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Spirit Labor: Duration, Difficulty, and Affect







The starting point for the exhibition is the very small segment of contemporary art that is dedicated to investigating and challenging the durational dimension of its agents, from the body of the artist to the act of making and viewing art.

This fixation on the temporal aspect, with viscous, problem-plagued time, often produces works that are hard to make and live through, difficult to endure as a viewer, at times barely tangible (as a piece can take a lifetime to manifest or is too monotonous), repetitive or simply not visible. By exploring the many different aspects of what duration(al) can mean, from endurance and body art to conceptual art, Spirit Labor examines the way this special feature produces something we might call "difficulty," as well as intense emotions or “affect"––an important, yet intangible and demanding type of “labor.”

Curated by Snejana Krasteva and Andrey Misiano


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