The Singapore Art Archive Project (SAAP) and The Artists Village (TAV)

As part of the Garage exhibition Spirit Labor, Singapore-based artist and researcher Koh Nguang How will present online his long-term archive project related to The Artists Village (TAV) in Singapore, an initiative with which Koh has been engaged since its inception in 1988. In 2005, he founded the Singapore Art Archive Project (SAAP) and has exhibited it in various formats. For Garage Koh has prepared a Google Map of The Artists Village (1988–2022), which gives a better idea of how and where TAV made events after moving out of the village space in 1990.

Koh Nguang How (b. 1963, Singapore) is an artist and researcher. He worked as a curatorial assistant at the National Museum Art Gallery from 1985 to 1992. He has been associated with the Singaporean art collective The Artists Village since 1989 and has documented its key events from June 1988 to January 2022. He began exhibiting art archives in 1992 at Performance Week at Gallery 21, Singapore, notably in the exhibition ERRATA at p-10, Singapore in 2004. He initiated the Singapore Art Archive Project (SAAP) in 2005, and has since presented over fifteen thematic works and exhibitions of SAAP in Singapore and abroad. He lives and works in Singapore.