Public program to accompany Tomás Saraceno's Moving Atmospheres


From 11 September 2020 to 14 March 2021


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Public program to accompany Tomás Saraceno's Moving AtmospheresPublic program to accompany Tomás Saraceno's Moving Atmospheres


The public program will demonstrate how Tomás Saraceno's practice is connected to philosophy and the utopian ideas about the future of humanity in the air environment.

Tomás Saraceno's installation Moving Atmospheres will be scrutinized from the viewpoint of present-day academic research, the history of the Russian avant-garde, and the philosophy of cosmism, as well as within the framework of techno-utopia and the search of new forms of living for humankind.

In the lecture block of the program, researchers will acquaint Garage visitors with the central narratives of the past and present, devoted to the exploration of airspace, including the representation of ideas about space and aviation in art and philosophy, amateur aeronautics, and the notions of accessible space.

In addition, an interdisciplinary Aerocene Laboratory will be organized in the Museum. Aerocene is an art community founded by Saraceno. Members of this community develop new regimes of sensitivity and design a future based on ethical engagement with the environment, freedom from borders, and avoiding the use of fossil fuels. In the Aerocene Laboratory, one can comprehend various approaches to flight—the engineering, environmental, and philosophical ones. The key point in the Laboratory's work will be the experimental launch of an aerosolar sculpture created by the artist. In turn, the experience of interaction between the participants will constitute the object of anthropological reflection.

The children’s program invites audiences aged 8–12 years of age to create floating cities and bizarre flying systems and talk about biomimicry—a field of knowledge based on borrowing ideas, concepts, design, and technical solutions from natural processes and organisms. Teenagers will reflect on our planet’s visions of the future and present their ideas during the discussion. Garage’s youngest visitors will be able to read books about flights in reality and dreams and draw their own aircraft.


Aerocene Laboratory

As part of the public program accompanying Tomás Saraceno’s installation Moving Atmospheres, Garage will launch Aerocene Laboratory—an interdisciplinary project aimed at the exploration of the notion of Aerocene and the apprehension of the technical and social aspects of a future in the aerosphere.

5 October 2020 – 15 March 2021

Discussion for teenagers: “Visions of the Future: What Epochs Await Our Planet?”

Anthropocene is the era of humanity. Novaсene is the era of artificial intelligence. Aerocene is the era of air. Which of these eras are we living in? Which comes next? Artist Tomás Saraceno believes that our epoch will be replaced by the Aerocene—the era of air, where social and environmental ties will be determined by the laws of thermodynamics. Using solar energy, humankind will rise into the air without fossil fuels. Once unbound from the surface of the Earth with its physical and barriers and state borders, humanity will be able to move freely through the air ocean.


The session will introduce participants to various concepts and visions of the future. Together with the tutors, they will discuss changes that may happen in social, environmental, and cultural ties in the coming geological epochs, both prospective and real.

Saturday, October 3

Graphics workshop: “I Want to Fly!”

Participants will meet Garage Triennial's unannounced artist and find out why he was not included in the general list. During a casual tea party, the artist will explain how to make art without producing anything. Listeners will then have the opportunity to ask questions and take a fresh look at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sunday, October 4