Aerocene in, on, and for the air.
Aerocene Community

As part of the public program accompanying Tomás Saraceno’s installation Moving Atmospheres, Garage will launch Aerocene Laboratory—an interdisciplinary project aimed at the exploration of the notion of Aerocene and the apprehension of the technical and social aspects of a future in the aerosphere.

The Aerocene Community seeks to devise new modes of sensitivity, based on the synthesis of arts, technology, and environmental consciousness. Aerocene Laboratory invites audiences to join this initiative allowing participants, together with engineers and researchers, to study a variety of approaches to the human relationship with technics, from the perspectives of sociology, cosmonautics, art, and philosophy.

The Laboratory will prepare and conduct the launch of the aerosolar sculpture Aerocene Backpack created by Tomás Saraceno. The sculpture elevates itself into the air without burning fossil fuels, batteries or engines, by solar energy alone. On a clear and windless day, the participants will be able to launch the sculpture and draw an airglyph, which is their own signature, with the air, thereby becoming a part of the Aerocene manifesto.

AEROCENE Explorer launch