From October 28, in line with the Moscow city government decree, a QR code and ID are required in order to visit Garage.

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Public program for the exhibition Takashi Murakami.Under the Radiation Falls

Public program for the exhibition Takashi Murakami.<i>Under the Radiation Falls</i>


The public program accompanying Takashi Murakami’s exhibition Under the Radiation Falls is dedicated to the history of postwar Japan and the changes that define the image of Japan’s cultural identity today.

The program includes a diverse set of activities including public lectures, discussions, and workshops. An artist talk featuring Takashi Murakami and curator Ekaterina Inozemtseva will be held on November 16, where the artist will speak about his practice and the preparation process for the exhibition at Garage.

Having studied the method of Brazilian director Augusto Boal, Garage Teens Team will integrate in the exhibition space the Invisible Theater—a type of spectacle which involves actors and is based on a script, but is not announced for the potential viewers.

In November and December, Garage Screen presents two film programs at Garage Auditorium: East to West, West to East and Japanese B Movies. The former is devoted to the cultural exchange between Japan and Western countries, and the influence of Japanese animation schools on Western film and animation in particular. The Japanese B Movies program will introduce some of the notable examples of Japanese low-budget genre cinematography—parodies on the popular genres of horror, action, and sci-fi movies.

In January 2018, a ParaPara dance contest—a synchronized dance which originated in Japan in the 1980s—will take place at the Museum, on the platform of the Japanese Dance Evolution video game.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invites young visitors to engage in illustrating ancient Japanese fairy tales, the introduction of traditional Japanese family holidays, and the hidden techniques of the Land of the Rising Sun’s painters—these workshops will be held on Family Days.

An audio guide accompanying the exhibition is available in Russian and English.


Making It “Japanese”. Transculturation, cultural inter-nationalism and beyond. A lecture by Koichi Iwabuchi

Koichi Iwabuchi, professor at Melbourne’s Monash University will critically examine the dynamics of transculturation and the associated discourse of national cultural identity in the Japanese context. He will also discuss the advancement of cultural globalization processes the intensification of trans-Asian cultural flows and rivalry, and the rise of soft power and nation branding

Monday, October 9 
Garage Auditorium
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