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Public program accompanying the Abbas Kiarostami retrospective Film, and Nothing More

Public program accompanying the Abbas Kiarostami retrospective <i>Film, and Nothing More</i>


Public program accompanying the Abbas Kiarostami retrospective Film, and Nothing More.

In the lecture block of the program, Iranists and film critics will discuss the culture of Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution, the aesthetic specificity of Kiarostami’s movies, and his experiments with form in different periods of his practice.

The public program also features a presentation of the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy’s book Abbas Kiarostami: The Evidence of Film, which launches a special Garage Screen series of publications about film.

One of the events will be a presentation of the July issue of Iskusstvo Kino (The Art of Cinema) magazine, which presents a selection of studies of Kiarostami’s work.

The program will conclude with an evening of Persian poetry in Garage Auditorium. The Persian poetry readings will introduce Abbas Kiarostami as a poet, revealing the common nature of artistic techniques implemented in the different spheres of Iranian culture—cinema and literature.


A lecture by Maxim Alontsev: The Quran instead of the Crown: Traditionalism and Modernism in Iranian Society in the 1960–1980s

Iranist Maxim Alontsev will talk about the cultural and political changes in Iran in the second half of the twentieth century—a transformation that paved the way for the Islamic Revolution.

Wednesday, July 7
Garage Auditorium

A lecture by Zara Abdullaeva: Abbas Kiarostami. Intermediate Cinema

Film critic Zara Abdullayeva will talk about the flickering dialogue between feature and documentary film in the work of Abbas Kiarostami.

Saturaday, July 17
Garage Screen summer cinema
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