Persian Poetry Evening

Persian Poetry EveningPersian Poetry Evening


Iranists Leyla Lakhuti and Evgeniya Nikitenko will discuss the locus of poetry in the culture of Iran and read verses by the “poet of Iranian cinema” Abbas Kiarostami and other authors.

Like many Iranian intellectuals, Abbas Kiarostami was a poet. This is hardly surprising: Iran has always been known as the land of poets: its rulers, mathematicians, mystics, and historians all wrote poetry. The history of Persian classical poetry dates back over a thousand years. A century ago, Iranian proponents of westernization launched a poetic reform and abandoned the old tradition. New Poetry was created with its new styles and themes. Kiarostami was a poet of this new movement.

The audience will discover the differences between the classical and the new Persian poetry traditions and the connections between them, and hear some poems by Abbas Kiarostami and other poets in the original language as well as in translation.


Leyla Gasemovna Lakhuti is a researcher and translator of Persian literary landmarks, author of commentaries on Firdousi’s Shahnameh, translations and interpretations of Farid ud-Din Attar’s and Jalaluddin Rumi Sufi epic poems. She is a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Evgeniya Nikitenko holds a Candidate of Sciences degree in History and is Associate Professor at HSE University’s Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies. Her research interests include the history of Persian literature and the history of Iranian culture.


 Free admission with advance registration.


After the poetry evening, visitors are invited to join the premier screening of Shirin as part of Garage Screen’s Abbas Kiarostami retrospective. To visit the cinema, you must purchase a ticket.


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