Public Events Series by Garage Teens Team. The Steps


From 3 March 2016 to 21 May 2016


Garage Auditorium
Public Events Series by Garage Teens Team. The StepsPublic Events Series by Garage Teens Team. The Steps


The series of public events prepared by Garage Teens Team are focused primarily, though not exclusively, on young people, and offer an easy way to start understanding contemporary art.

The Steps is a series of public events prepared by Garage Teens Team primarily, though not exclusively, for young people. Six events will explore the issues that are on young people’s minds when it comes to art: clichés in discussions of contemporary art, the museum as the new place for socializing, and the changes that have made the life of an artist less poetic, but not less exciting.

Having conceived of The Steps as an audience-targeted research project, the team invited Yuri Albert to become their collaborator. Albert is a representative of Moscow Conceptualism and his practice is largely focused on the phenomena of perception and misperception in art. He shared with the team his experience with audience engagement in different countries, and explained how the process of using games could be crucial for the communication between artists and viewers. Yuri Albert, famous for his witty maxims on art and life, also kept the mood light and fun.

The team decided to make use of materials from Garage Archive Collection, focusing on the period from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, to get a solid factual basis for each group’s theme. During their research, Garage Teens Team stumbled across an initiative similar to The Steps in its structure and passion for education—Thursdays at Trekhprudny Lane Gallery (1991–1993). Trekhprudny Lane Gallery was an artist-run space, where artists explored all possible forms of contemporary art (from installations and interactive projects to actions and happenings) and thus educated themselves in the context of emerging contemporary art in Russia. Artworks created in Trekhprudny Lane were made with dedication, youthful enthusiasm, and irony. And Thursdays set the tone for Moscow art life of the time.

Offering a selection of events in various formats—from inclusive performances and improvised tours to a game of art mafia, a popular Russian party game—Garage Teens Team invites the audience to try and dissect the sometimes obscure and seemingly inaccessible language of contemporary art.

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Senior tutor: Olga Holmogorova

Curator: Anastasia Mityushina

Coordinator: Ekaterina Vladimirtseva

Garage Teens Team (2013–present) is a yearly Garage initiative for 13- to 19-year-old high school and first-year university students, launched in 2013 and aimed at helping Garage to engage diverse publics into creative processes and the life of a contemporary museum.

From September through May a group of young people study contemporary art theory and practice, and museum work formats, completing the program by preparing their own thematic projects.

Garage Teens Team: Darya Ananko, Elizaveta Antashyan, Anastasia Volynova, Alisa Zhilyaeva, Asya Zalavskaya, Natalia Kukina, Darya Leontieva, Anastasia Mishina, Darya Parshina, Tatiana Perfilova, Dina Pets, Natela Piliya, Elizaveta Podkolzina, Diana Sallakhedinova, Lisa Senatorova, Sofia Stubblebine, Polina Trifonova, Georgy Chubukin, Ilya Sheinin, Arseny Shishaev, Dmitry Yanchoglo.

Garage Archive Collection, founded in 2012, plays a key role in the Museum’s activities and acts as a center for the study of Russian contemporary art in an international context.


March 3, Thursday

6:30–8:30 pm Garage Auditorium

Сlassical VS. Сontemporary

The opening event is dedicated to the similarities and differences between classical and contemporary art, and will also outline the program for the next sessions of The Steps.


March 24, Thursday

April 7, Thursday

6:30–8:30 pm Garage Auditorium

Paranoid Discourse

The third act of The Steps unveils an important theme of our everyday life: the informational frenzy that puts excess pressure on contemporary society.


April 21, Thursday

6:30–8:30 pm Garage Auditorium

The Artist's Studio

The fourth event of the series concentrates on the main space of the artist. The viewers will see that an artist is not at all unapproachable. They live among us, eat the same food as us, and like to sleep on the cool side of the pillow, just as we do.


May 12, Thursday

6:30–8:30 pm Garage Auditorium


The fifth event of the series places the participants in the world of installations, explaining what an artistic gesture is.


May 21, Saturday

6:30–8:30 pm Garage Auditorium

Game Room

The final event of the The Steps series focuses on perhaps the most important process in one's life—the game. The path of understanding, learning and engaging through game will seem equally attractive for those who approach contemporary art for the first time, as well as those for whom art is a familiar, or even an everyday environment.