Events Series The Steps. Installation - feelings, clenched into a feast


From 24 March 2016


6:30–8:30 pm


Garage Auditorium
Events Series The Steps. Installation - feelings, clenched into a feastEvents Series The Steps. Installation - feelings, clenched into a feast


At the core of the second event lies the question of concept prevailing over feeling in contemporary artworks. Is it really so?

In the beauty of Bryullov's paintings, antique statues, and Michelangelo's frescos it is easy to determine the sensuous element. But what resonance does Damien Hirst's shark evoke in the viewer? Together with the spectators, Teens Team members will follow the artist's way, i.e. the process of encapsulating feelings into the rigid framework of concept. And afterward they will follow the way of the viewer, i.e. that of deciphering idea down to intellectual and emotional perception. From the team, Dasha and Lisa: Together with you, we are going to try to break through lifeless concepts and find emotion in the field of chaotic symbols. And if you can count the number of seeds in Ai Weiwei's installation, it becomes obvious that such conceptual art could only have been conceived by feeling. Turning to the practice of Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov, the main protagonist of our event, you will better understand how an object, removed from context, changes its meaning. There stands a tin can. Do you really see a tin can? What happens when you try to “feel” into it?


Garage Teens Team (2013–present) is a yearly Garage initiative for 13- to 19-year-old high school and first-year university students, launched in 2013 and aimed at helping Garage to engage diverse publics into creative processes and the life of a contemporary museum.

From September through May a group of young people study contemporary art theory and practice, and museum work formats, completing the program by preparing their own thematic projects.


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