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7 April 2016
6:30–8:30 pm


The third act of The Steps unveils an important theme of our everyday life: the informational frenzy that puts excess pressure on contemporary society.

The Paranoid Discourse team has been debating the role museums play in the informational tornado of modern life. How do sophisticated curatorial texts—the descriptions of the exhibitions—coincide with routine reactions like “Wow, cool! Let’s go…” Lisa, Gosha, and Dasha say:

We work with several simple observations: people are tired of listening, reading, and watching. They are overloaded with information—though many of them like it. The event is about headaches and 140 characters, about Instagram and the conceptual artist Andrey Monastyrsky, about Jedis and kittens.


Garage Teens Team (2013–present) is a yearly Garage initiative for 13- to 19-year-old high school and first-year university students, launched in 2013 and aimed at helping Garage to engage diverse publics into creative processes and the life of a contemporary museum.

From September through May a group of young people study contemporary art theory and practice, and museum work formats, completing the program by preparing their own thematic projects.


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