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Discussion Club for teenagers: talking about complex things in a simple way

21 April – 9 June 2020
On Tuesdays, 17:00–18:00


Self-isolation has revealed how much information there is out there, floating around and getting through via newsreels, social networks, online education courses, and work from home. This flow is so huge that one can easily get lost in it, which brings to the foreground perennial questions, such as “What is happiness?”, “What is freedom?”, “Can we feel free in a situation of external limitations?”, “What is loneliness?”, and “What makes loneliness different from solitude?”

As it is not always possible to discuss important issues with friends and relatives, sometimes there is a need to talk to someone else, a “stranger”. Garage invites listeners to join its online project Thoughts Zoom-out dedicated to some of the most critical topics. The project will take the form of a discussion club, whose participants—teenagers and young researchers—will share ideas around selected subjects and discuss philosophy in an informal environment.



Alexandra Moskovskaya, co-founder of the project ScienceMe, scholar at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of philosophy.




Participation is free with advance registration.

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