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Session 4. “The banality of evil, or why contemporary philosophers consider evil not so evil”

Discussion Club for teenagers: talking about complex things in a simple way
26 May 2020


What is evil? Not everyone understands it the same way. Killing an annoying fly seems rather harmless to some, while for Jain monks, for example, it is unthinkable to harm any living creature, even a fly.

The apprehension of evil has changed over time. Following the twentieth-century’s horrifying wars and revolutions, German thinker Hannah Arendt came to the conclusion that evil becomes banal: some of the cruelest and the most unthinkable things can be caused by an ordinary, even mediocre person, meaning evil becomes a mundane phenomenon. Participants will discuss how they understand the limits and meaning of evil.



Alexey Salin, candidate of philosophy, tutor at the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov Moscow State University.




Participation is free with advance registration.

The session is held in Russian.

The link to the Zoom conference will be sent via the email indicated upon registration.

Teenagers are invited to take part.


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