Garage Museum of Contemporary Art starts the sale of tickets for spring courses

Beginning in 2019, Garage will be offering a new program of courses on art for the most diverse audiences. Featuring experienced art historians, artists, architects, writers, and photographers, it is set to shed light on sophisticated terms and categories, explain methods and technologies widely used in art and photography, and provide an opportunity to look at the history of art from a new perspective.

Architecture. The Art of Seeing is on offer for children aged 8+ and their parents. In February, Garage will launch the next block of classes spanning the period from the Renaissance until the present, with the final session due to take place in the format of an interactive excursion around Gorky Park and its surroundings that will cement knowledge acquired during the course.

The upcoming season of one of the Museum’s most popular courses, Following Contemporary Art, will introduce the audience to some seminal artists of the postwar and contemporary periods, including Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Banksy, and Olafur Eliasson.

Tatyana Bortnik and Irina Svetlichnaya’s 1900: Frame after Frame (for children aged 10+) is designed for those aiming to continue studying contemporary art and acquire basic skills in animation in the process. During its practical seminars, the participants will create their own animated films inspired by the works of renowned twentieth-century artists. Irina Svetlichnaya says about the course: “Our animation techniques are very simple and accessible to everyone, since our primary task is to teach how to think using imagination and to see and analyze historical connections and cultural differences. Most importantly, our classes will help to distinguish the most essential part of a storyline and translate it via a one-minute animated film."

In the new semester Garage expands its program for teenagers. Beginning February, pupils aged 10 to 14 will be offered to join the course Photography. History and Practice where photographer, artist, and expert in historical photo printing techniques Ivan Sakharov will trace the history of photography. The participants will assemble a camera obscura, experiment with cyanotype and salt prints, and learn how to use modern photo equipment. “This course is for those interested in photography and who wish to practice it. Along with teaching how to 'use the camera', it has a broader goal—to introduce the students with photography as a means of expression, a universal representational medium,” explains Ivan Sakharov.

Garage’s upcoming courses for adult audiences include Art Codes: Practicum, Following Contemporary Art (18+), Introduction to Painting, Architecture. The Art of Seeing (18+), and A Course in Creative Writing (18+).

Rather than merely teaching, Garage's education programs provide an opportunity to engage in a community of like-minded people. Each of our courses is a chance to meet friends and delve into the world of art and architecture guided by brilliant professionals and experts. These courses are intended at those who wish to confidently navigate today’s cultural situation.

Courses run from February to May 2019.

Number of season tickets is limited.

For further information and to book a place, please email us at or call +7 (495) 645-05-20.

Garage members are eligible for a 10% discount on education events.

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