Zhurnal mod (Fashion Journal), 3, 1990

Zhurnal mod (Fashion Journal), 3, 1990

Zhurnal mod (Fashion Journal) was the official magazine of the Ministry of Light Industry of the USSR. Published since 1945, it was the main Soviet journal about fashion.

In 1988 Lydia Orlova who was appointed editor-in-chief of Zhurnal mod and initiated a re-launch of the publication. Having brought together a new editorial team, including full-time journalists, freelance writers and photographers, and set up a photo studio to produce its own shoots, she reorganized Zhurnal mod into a full-fledged magazine about fashion. You can learn more about Lydia Orlova’s career and Soviet fashion journals from this video interview made for the exhibition Atelier E.B.: Passer-by as part of the Garage Field Research program.

The third issue of Zhurnal mod for 1990 introduces new trends in winter clothing, concluding with Lydia Orlova’s detailed report from Osaka World Fashion Fair.


Who said that winter clothing is necessarily a coat or a fur coat?

And if the winter is warm? We are sure that in this case you will be happy to wear comfortable and incredibly compelling combinations of jackets and trousers, made from various wool fabrics, that look great together.

And what about silk fur coats? Have you ever heard of them? Or a bathrobe coat?

Answers to these and similar questions await you in this issue. There are plenty of new ideas that we hope you will enjoy.

N. Orskaya, M. Svetlitsky
Kuznetsky Most All-Union House of Fashion Design

Soviet fashion magazines from Lydia Orlova’s archive are on view at the exhibition Atelier E.B.: Passer-by and in the virtual 360° version.