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Assuming Distance: Speculations, Fakes, and Predictions in the Age of the Coronacene







Conceived in the days of self-isolation, this exhibition is driven by a humanitarian mission to help the arts community, but also aims to produce and show works that explore the vast and intriguing territory of artistic speculation.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic as a point of external reference, Garage invited artists and artist groups living and working in Russia to assume any distance from the current situation that they felt comfortable with and envisage speculation as a way of interacting with reality.

In its broad philosophical sense, speculation (from the Latin speculatio, “contemplation, observation”) means thinking theoretically. The exhibition, based on an open call, will be a dynamic platform for the presentation of a wide range of forecasts, visions, and scenarios, not only for the future but also including possible versions of the past and the present. Whether they focus on alternative economies or conspiracy theories, new modes of employment or social interaction, control systems or biopolitics, these absurd, fantastical, visionary, collectively imagined worlds can be utopian or dystopian, based on real economic, political, and social forecasts or rooted in paradoxical, irrational creative thinking.

Curated by Ekaterina Lazareva, Ekaterina Savchenko, Iaroslav Volovod


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