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The Second GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR and Museum Night


Garage will host the second GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR which will feature more than forty leading local and international publishers. During the event, a number of book presentations, round table discussions, and screenings at Garage open-air cinema on the square will take place.

Since its foundation in 2008 Garage has focused its publishing activities on books on contemporary art, theory and history of culture, architecture, design, and photography in Russian. Striving to spur interest in books on art and gather together leading publishers, Garage initiated the first ART BOOK FAIR in 2016. This year, the event will also become a part of the annual Museum Night.

During the Garage Art Book Fair weekend, more than forty publishers from Russia, Europe and USA will be presented at Garage Atrium and Lab including Taschen, Thames & Hudson, Ad Marginem, The Alliance of Independent Publishers and Booksellers, Art-Volkhonka, Artguide Editions, BooksMart, HSE Publishing House, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Institute of Russian Realist Art, Iskusstvo—21 century, Magma, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Kuchkovo Pole, Art.Lebedev Studio, Dom Publishers, Shaltai Editions, Strelka Press, V—A—C Press, ABCdesign, among others.

On Saturday, May 20, Garage will become a part of the annual Museum Night and present two new exhibition projects Congo Art Works: Popular Paintings and Kholin and Sapgir: Manuscript Copy.

From May 19, Garage will start special screenings at the open-air cinema on Garage square featuring the main characters of both the Garage publishing program and the joint publishing program of Garage and Ad Marginem. Visitors will get a chance to watch films about the most outstanding people in art, literature, and music of the twentieth century: Andy Warhol, Susan Sontag, John Berger, and David Bowie—a the three-day retrospective on whom will be held to mark the release of the translation of Bowie by the British philosopher Simon Critchley.

Specially for the fair, Garage will be releasing Martha Graham's Blood Memory, the autobiography of the famous dancer and choreographer which starts the new book series GARAGE DANCE on the history and theory of modern dance, as well as two new books in the joint publishing program with Ad MarginemHow to Write about Contemporary Art by Gilda Williams and Dress code: The Naked Truth about Fashion by Marie Grinde Arntzen.

The program for Museum Night will start with an interactive game by Garage Teens Team, based on the Museum’s collection—the world's largest archive on the history of Russian contemporary art. Adults and children will take part in the exciting journey through Russian art after the fall of USSR. Participants will feel the atmosphere of the emerging free art world and recreate the brightest events in the cultural life of the time.

The next special Museum Night event will feature Writers feat. Actors. Public readings. The project combines literature and theater, aiming at the promotion and popularization of contemporary Russian prose. Visitors will hear texts written by Narine Abgaryan, Andrey Astvatsaturov, Alexander Malenkov, Alexander Snegirev, Masha Traub, Sasha Filipenko and Aleksandr Tsypkin and united by the theme of the museum and museum experience.

Sunday, May 21, will start with the Family Day at Garage. It is a great opportunity for children and adults to have fun and learn in a museum. The program includes workshops, sketching tours, and special offers on children’s books at Garage Bookshop.

The evening will bring a Moscow presentation of the Poetry Readings at the New Holland Festival, conceived as a creative platform for performances of local and international poets working in very different linguistic and stylistic manners. The project’s main goal is to fill the shortage of international literary festivals in Russia and introduce contemporary poetry to the broader audience. The first Poetry Readings at the New Holland in St. Petersburg have been created by Mark Shatunovsky and Dmitry Golynko. The festival is divided into two panels, which represent different views on the structure of the modern poetic space and the issues that dominate in poetry.

Visitors will hear poems by Yuri Arabov, Polina Barskova, Charles Bernstein, Ivan Zhdanov, Maxim Zhukov, Katya Kapovich, Igor Karaulov, Eugene Ostashevsky, Vanessa Place, Alexey Porvin, Vitaly Pukhanov, and Alexander Skidan.

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