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Moscow Today. The Art of Bookmaking and the Art of Architecture. Presentation of collector’s editions on architecture

The Second GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR and Museum Night
20 May 2017


Berlin’s DOM publishers presents new collector’s editions. The presentation featuring the authors will be followed by a discussion on architectural photography and describing contemporary architecture.

Architect and Guiding Architects member Peter Knoch (Germany) will talk about the series of 20 architectural guides, each describing 5 popular tourist sights and 5 lesser-known architectural masterpieces in one city.

Photographer Denis Yesakov will present his album ArchiDrone. The Fifth Façade of Contemporary Moscow, which contains his photographic essays that explore 70 extraordinary buildings in Moscow and their ‘fifth façade’, usually hidden from our eyes.

The presentation will be moderated by the head of DOM publishers, architect Dr.-Ing. Philipp Meuser.


Peter Knoch is a German architect and engineer based in Moscow, author of a Moscow guide and an expert in Moscow architecture. He works for Spectrum Group and is a member of Guiding Architects.

Denis Yesakov is a photographer specializing in modernist architecture. His works have been published in a number of architecture journals, including ArchDaily, Archi.ru, The Architectural Review, The Modernist and Domus, and featured in exhibitions at Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow Manege, the Union of Moscow Architects and the Gallery of Classical Photography.

Philipp Meuser is a German architect and the head of DOM publishers, which specializes in books on architecture, and of Meuser Architekten. He has written on Soviet architecture and the architecture of mass housing.

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