The 8th International Disability Film Festival “Breaking Down Barriers”


From 11 November 2016 to 14 November 2016


Garage Auditorium


This year’s program includes eight films and four cartoons dedicated to the different aspects of disability.

Films screened as part of the Breaking Down Barriers festival will be shown at Garage from November 11–14, 2016. This festival is unique for Russia, as not only does it show the challenges faced by people with disabilities, it also demonstrates true stories of their lives and their breaking down of barriers. The films screened at the festival prove that the most important thing is to see the human being in every person and not a person’s differences, including disability.

The aim of the festival is to draw society’s attention to the problems faced by people with disabilities and to show disabled people leading active lives, achieving their potential, and realizing opportunities.

The International Disability Film Festival Breaking Down Barriers has been held for fourteen years. In 2016 it takes place in Moscow at the Kosmos movie theater for the eighth time. This year, the films will also be screened at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Visitors to Garage will be able to watch films shot in different countries, and to talk to the directors and screenwriters to learn what inspired them to produce them. Films for children will be shown on Family Day, November 13. All events will be accessible to people with disabilities.


Friday, November 11

Saturday, November 12

14:00–16:30  Garage Auditorium

Short films program

Chris Fonseca. Street Dancer

Dir. Bim Ajadi, 11 minutes, UK, 2014


Dir. Ronit Meranda, 10 minutes, UK, 2016


Dir. Michael Achtman, 21 minutes, UK, 2015

I Dance with God

Dir. Hooshang Mirzaee, 40 minutes, Iran, 2015


19:30–22:00  Garage Auditorium

“Shoulder The Lion”

Dir. Erinnisse Rebisz and Patryk Rebisz, 74 minutes, USA, Poland, 2015


Sunday, November 13

14:00–16:30  Garage Auditorium

Children’s film program

My Life: It Takes Two

Dir. Holly Cocker, 15 minutes, UK, 2015

My Life: Knocked Back

Dir. Holly Cocker, 30 minutes, UK, 2015

Maël’s Secret

Dir. Franck Hérouard, 5 minutes, France, 2014

The Present

Dir. Jacob Frey, 5 minutes, Germany, 2015


19:30–22:00  Garage Auditorium

Becoming Bulletproof

Dir. Michael Barnett, 80 minutes, USA, 2015


Monday, November 14