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14 November 2016


This is a film about people with dwarfism living in the most populated country in the world, China. Not only does it paint an honest picture of the modern-day Chinese cities, but also deals with sensitive issues of accepting disability in society, disability as a spectacle, and the life choices each of the characters makes.

A millionaire creates the ‘Dwarves Empire’ —a land where little people could live and work among themselves, away from the discrimination of mainstream society. Tourists who pay a US$16 entrance fee can enjoy a fantasy world where little people work in mushroom houses, and dress in fairy tale costumes. This observational documentary chronicles the journeys of a few employees at a pivotal point in their lives. A change of heart, a secret escape, a struggle to find true love and a venture beyond the confines of the ‘Dwarves Empire’ lead to vastly different experiences. Connected by a will to pursue their dreams and a life of happiness, these little people take their chances in an uncertain world. For some, their destinies are forever changed.

Little People, Big Dreams
Dir. Chun Kit Mak, 90 minutes, China, Singapore, 2014


Free admission with advance registration
The film will be screened in English with Russian subtitles


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