Children’s program “Breaking Down Barriers”


From 13 November 2016


13:00–14:00, 15:00–16:00


Garage Auditorium


The Children’s Program of the Festival has been created on an inclusive basis—the viewer-friendly approach of the films in the program, with their positive outlook on disability will make enjoyable viewing for both disabled and non-disabled visitors.

The screenings will be held as part of GARAGE Family Day with all films dubbed into Russian.


My Life: It Takes Two

Dir. Holly Cocker, 15 min, UK, 2015

Twins Imogen and Amelia prepare to dance in the prestigious Blackpool Tower Ballroom. They are the only twins in the UK with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, but Imogen and Amelia aren’t going to let being smaller hold them back from achieving their dancing dreams!

My Life: Knocked Back

Dir. Holly Cocker, 30 minutes, UK, 2015

Cobie tells the story of Molly and his best friend Adam who are both recovering from a traumatic brain injury after being hit bya car and it’s changed each of their lives as they knew it.

Maël’s Secret

Dir. Franck Hérouard, 5 minutes, France, 2014

Paco could never have imagined that he would some day come across a mentally disabled child. The first time he met him, Maël reminded him of big drooling slug. But as he gets to know him, Paco changes his point of view.

The Present

Dir. Jacob Frey, 5 minutes, Germany, 2015

Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.


Free admission with advance registration
The film will be screened in English with Russian subtitles


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art—parallel platform of the 8th International Disability Film Festival “Breaking Down Barriers”