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Public Program accompanying the exhibition NSK: FROM KAPITAL TO CAPITAL

30 September – 19 December 2016


Public Program for the exhibition NSK: FROM KAPITAL TO CAPITAL includes a lecture by the curator of the exhibition and director of Moderna galerija in Ljubljana Zdenka Badovinac, a discussion prepared by Garage Teens Team, as well as a program of screenings and workshops. A selection of publications on the topic will be available at Garage Library throughout the exhibition.

The public program around the NSK retrospective at Garage focuses on unraveling to the wider public some of the keys issues within the art collective’s practice. These include a new study on how Yugoslav art responded to the Russian Avant-Garde—one of the most important sources of inspiration for NSK, as well as an inside look at the processes that led to the formation of a borderless state with blurred sovereignty—the NSK State in Time—and the need for such virtual states to exist today.

Four documentary films in the screening program shed light on the history of NSK as well as on the controversial Slovenian music scene in the 1980s that was so influential to the group’s ideology. Also showing is a documentary on the nationwide art scandal surrounding the famous poster they created for Yugoslav’s Youth Day which became symbolic of the NSK aesthetic and theoretical approach for years to come.

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