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8 November 2016


High school pupils and first year university students from Garage Teens Team will look into the artistic and social value of virtual states that are being created today.

Largely conditioned by the development of the Internet and social sciences, the emergence of virtual states also signals the increasing importance of issues like globalization, the erosion of state borders and the transformation of our idea of sovereignty. The “NSK State in Time” founded in 1993 by Neue Slowenische Kunst is but one of the virtual states that have emerged in Western Europe, the Pacific Ocean, Antarctica and Middle East in recent years. During the round-table discussion, Garage Teens Team members will discuss the issues associated with the emergence and existence of fictitious states and why we need them in contemporary cultural and geopolitical context.


Natela Piliya teaches as part of Garage Teens Team program and is a student at the History Department of Moscow State University. As a member of the first Garage Teens Team, she took part in the preparation of the exhibition The Sixties: Points of Intersection that marked Garage’s move to a new building, and The Steps—a series of contemporary art events for teenagers. She is interested in contemporary art's political potential and its role in mitigating today's most urgent problems.

Artemy Shlyonsky is a Law student at the Higher School of Economics, living and working in Moscow. He is interested in the legal aspects of computing and copyright law.

Denis Timonov is an IT and Computing student at the Moscow Polytechnic University. He has taken part in MCTF (2015) and ACM-ICPC (2015) and is interested in integrating advanced technology into daily life, philosophy and music.

Darya Ananko studies History and Theory of Art at Moscow State University, and is based in Moscow. As a member of the first Garage Teens Team, she took part in the preparation of the exhibition The Sixties: Points of Intersection and the series of interactive events The Steps. She teaches the new Garage Teens Team.

Daniil Kemnits is a student at the School of Philosophy, National Research University—Higher School of Economics. He is interested in humanitarian progress, philosophy of language, epistemology and ontology.

Ekaterina Kucherenko is a student at the National Research University—Higher School of Economics. She has token part in Chekhov Lives project and helped organize the Book of the Year National Award. She won the Moscow government’s social advertising contest in 2014 and is currently a PR intern at the Theatre of Nations. Her interests include analog photography, Italian cinema, and modernist architecture.

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