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A Day and Night at Garage

21 May 2016


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents the special event A Day and Night at Garage, designed as part of Moscow’s annual Museum Night.

On Saturday, May 21, from 11:00 to 00:11, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and Garage Square next to it will become places to share ideas and find inspiration for visitors of all ages and interests.

Since opening in 2015 next to the Museum’s new building, Garage Square has been very popular with Gorky Park crowds. It has played host to a number of creative endeavors, including Louise Bourgeois’ 9-meter-high bronze spider statue, staged shows, and daily performances by young skaters and break dance groups. At the heart of A Day and Night at Garage is the idea of studying an urban public space.

The event program starts in the morning and concludes shortly after midnight. Visitors can visit any of the four exhibitions at Garage, participate in classes and drawing workshops, join an interactive discussion with Garage Teens Team, enjoy performances by musicians and DJs, pose questions to artist Rashid Johnson and Garage Chief Curator Kate Fowle, shop around at the famous Moscow fair Lambada Market, and taste fine food in open-air cafés.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that

I couldn't say any other way—things I had no words for.

Georgia O’Keeffe, artist



12:00–17:00 Garage Square  

Primary Colors workshop

Appliqué, crayons, and chalk are all tools for capturing color, and color, in the words of painter Henri Matisse, gives the artist “an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.”

12:00–00:00 Garage Square  

Lambada Market

Lambada Market features some 300 shops, designers, and individuals, and celebrates four colors: white, blue, red, and yellow. The goods on offer include designer and vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, footwear, furniture, interior and home decor, toys, books, and vinyl records.

12:00–00:00 Garage Square 

Food court

More than a dozen of Moscow’s best restaurants set up shop at Garage with open-air mini cafés.

12:00–00:00 Garage Square 


Gorky Park is no stranger to concerts, and on May 21 DJs from Moscow and St. Petersburg will play tropical house, calypso, and Brazilian balearic at Garage Square throughout the day. The square will also feature performances by Sunday choir Bling-Blings and indie surf band HUT.

12:00–22:00 Garage Square 

Children’s workshop

The Moscow-based artistic group Happiness Bureau: Quests will put on a decorating workshop for both children and adults. Participants will learn how to reuse old lampshades, redesign footwear as vases, and fashion casserole dishes into flower pots or jewelry boxes.

18:30–21:00 Garage Square 

Game Room, part of the Garage Teens Team series

The final event in The Steps series is focused on game-playing, an important process in everyone’s life. Cognition, learning, involvement, and overcoming difficulties through play are experiences that will be equally interesting to both laymen and seasoned contemporary art practitioners. Teens Team members have made up a series of games of varying speed and engagement levels. Participants may choose activities to their liking, from a round of the art mafia game to sharing contemporary art-themed associations to accepting an invitation to a Garage exhibition.



13:00–15:00 Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 

A class with Rashid Johnson

For children ages 5–9. Registration required.

Artist Rashid Johnson, whose installation Within Our Gates has become the third entry in the Garage Atrium Commissions series, will come to Moscow to spend the day with spectators. In his artistic work, Johnson uses various materials, from shea butter to ceramic tiles. During the class, the artist will share the secrets of creating black wax artworks with the youngest Garage visitors. For children ages 5–9 and their parents/guardians.


17:00–18:30 Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 

Garage Chief Curator Kate Fowle in conversation with artist Rashid Johnson

Kate Fowle and Rashid Johnson will discuss the origins and motifs of the artist’s oeuvre, his methods for uncovering different cultural layers that enable melding diverse concepts and materials into a cohesive artwork. Johnson will then answer questions from the public.


11:00–00:11  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 

Viktor Pivovarov. The Snail’s Trail

In this exhibition, Garage and Viktor Pivovarov have produced a definitive overview of the artist’s career. The snail, a central image in the 100-piece exhibition spanning artworks from the mid-1970s to now, signifies an escape from the outside world.

11:00–00:11  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 

Taryn Simon. Action Research / The Stagecraft of Power

In the words of writer Salman Rushdie, Taryn Simon’s practice extends “the limits of what we are allowed to see and know.” The artist continues to investigate and describe structures that influence life in postindustrial societies. The new project features two new series of photographs. Continuing a longtime collaboration with Garage, Taryn Simon is working “live” to develop a new piece over the duration of the exhibition.

11:00–00:11  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 

Mauro Restiffe. Post-Soviet Russia 1995/2015

Brazilian artist Mauro Restiffe presents two series of black-and-white photographs taken in Russia first in the 1990s (during his extended stay in the country) and then 20 years later in 2015, when he was invited to document the reconstruction of a Soviet Modernist restaurant into Garage’s new home. The reconstruction work became a metaphor for the artist in his renewed encounter with Russian culture.

11:00–00:11  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 

Rashid Johnson. Within Our Gates

For the third commission in Garage Atrium, Rashid Johnson will produce an installation using a towering grid structure to house a unique, living ecosystem in the Museum that visitors can enter and explore. Constructed as a maze-like environment for all the senses, Within Our Gates integrates tropical plants with sculptural elements, moving images, sounds, and everyday objects to immerse the viewer in the artist’s poetic manifestation of a world where fiction and reality, histories and speculations, converge. The artist’s first project in Russia, this is also the largest work he has ever made.


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